Variations, Minor Variations & Vary DPS

If you need to change the way your premise operates or think that the conditions currently applied to your license are not appropriate then application can be made to the licensing authority to vary the premises license, depending upon what is being asked this may be done by way of minor variation or if it is substantial then by way of full variation.

At WLS we want to ensure that this process runs smoothly for you, as a minimum we will assist you in completion of the application form and discuss with you how the operating schedule should be structured to address the 4 licensing objectives. If necessary we will liaise with the relevant responsible authorities prior to submission of the variation to ensure their needs are met. It is important to get this part right as this will then negate the need for any hearing which can be costly and will delay the variation to the Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate. We will then advise you on who to send the applications to and wording for any necessary legal notices etc.

We can also advise and assist in changes to the management of the premises by way of variation of Designated Premises Supervisor. This could be due to a planned change or in some circumstances an unexpected change due to an unplanned incident. Remember in order for you to be able to sell alcohol in accordance with a Premises License you need a DPS, this variation can be arranged for you at very short notice.