About WLS & Mark Worthington

Mark Worthington BSc (Hons) MBII-tp, MIOL, CMS, is an experienced licensing specialist. He retired from Northamptonshire Police in 2014, having served as the County Licensing Sergeant. He became involved in licensing work in 1996 and worked within that sphere for 18 years, specialising solely on Licensing issues since 2005.

He has a deep and thorough understanding of licensing legislation and holds the BIIAB level 2 awards in:

  • Award in Assessment of Licensed Premises
  • National Certificate for Designated Premises Supervisor
  • Level 2 National Certificate for Licensing Practitioners
  • Level 2 National Certificate for Personal License Holders
  • He has also attended the Institute of Licensing course on ‘How to plan a safe event’

    Whilst a serving police officer, Mark was a member of the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Licensing Advisory Group. This is a small group of hand selected licensing officers from police forces across the country who are experts in their field. They provide technical advice and support to the ACPO group on licensing issues.

    He has also sat on a number of Home Office technical groups consulting on legislative changes. Mark has been a speaker at conferences and seminars locally, nationally and internationally; he spoke at the European Network of Alcohol Law Enforcement annual conference in Tallinn (May 2014), and at the STAP conference on Alcohol, Health & Policy in Amsterdam (Oct 2014)

    He has been a long-standing volunteer with National Pubwatch; involved with the organisation since 2001 and becoming a committee member in 2005. He chairs the sub-committee that organises the annual conference.

    He is a qualified Best Bar None assessor and coordinated the Northampton Best Bar None scheme from 2010 to 2014.